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African Culture Sandals

African Culture Sandals

Lucy has been running her stall at the Greenmarket Square in Cape Town since 2008. The historical Greenmarket Square is the place to be for African art, music, paintings, clothes and handcrafted goods. It is the social centre for informal traders in Cape Town.


Every morning Lucy pulls her cart loaded with wares to the square to set up. She sells a wide variety of products all hand crafted by family and friends in the Western Cape. Her friends make the beaded products and her brother makes the leather sandals.

Lucy is very entrepreneurial. She taught her sisters and friends how to make the beaded animals, bowls and canvas paintings. She learnt how to paint at school and her mother taught her how to make colorful beaded bowls.

Lucy handles all the selling, as they only need one person to run the stall in Greenmarket Square. It really is a family and friends’ business in the true sense, as everyone contributes to the running of the business.

Lucy is now working with Moja to grow her family business and start selling her products internationally.

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