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Fafali Azaglo Owner of Selasie Farms & Groceries  Accra, Ghana

Fafali Azaglo Owner of Selasie Farms & Groceries Accra, Ghana

FafaliFafali Azaglo began Selasie Farms & Groceries after experiencing a series of dreams about products that she could make. Those dreams became reality when she started her business by selling products to her neighbors and employees at local government offices. As Fafali sold her products door-to-door, she created a customer base and gathered important product feedback.

Today, Selasie Farms & Groceries consists of ten employees and boasts an impressive variety of value-added processed foods that are both locally consumed and internationally exported. These products include fruit, moringa, soya, and potato bread, as well as hausa koko, weani mix, instant plantain fufu, special cereal, banku mix, and corn grits. The high quality products and impressive packaging are just two qualities that make Selasie Farms & Groceries a stand-out in its market.

Selasie Farms & Groceries was already a thriving business when Fafali was referred to Hopeline Institute's 12-week SME training course. Even so, Fafali was able to acquire new business skills. She is now better at record-keeping and can tend to the business's books, even when her husband,

the company accountant, is away. Fafali will be considered a Moja Certified Entrepreneur as soon as Moja launches.

In addition, the other business people that Fafali met during Hopeline's SME training have become her suppliers, business partners, and friends. They will become members of a Moja group that will hold each other accountable, provide mentoring and support, and be an extension of the Trusted Network that Moja is building.

Because Fafali is connected to Hopeline Institute—which will become the first Certified Moja Center in Accra, Ghana—she will be recognized as a Certified Moja Business. This will give both customers and suppliers additional confidence that she is trustworthy and reliable in her transactions. Additional Moja Trusted Networks will provide her a means to expand her vendor and customer base outside of Accra. 

Just as Fafali's dream came to life in the form of Selasie Farms & Groceries, Moja will fulfill her dream of reaching across Africa with her products.



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