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Become a seller

Whether you’re starting a new business or digitizing an existing one, MojaExpress will increase your opportunities, expand your capacity, and help you to flourish.


How to Sell on MojaExpress

6 Simple Steps 

  1. Sign up for a seller account here.
  2. Set up your Moja storefront. Enter your personal and store information.
  3. Add your products. See Terms of use before uploading. [Capitalize U in Use in the link] 
  4. Manage your inventory. Load, remove, update and manage stock by logging into the seller portal. 
  5. Ship your products. Ship your own products. Or let MojaExpress ship them for you. Email us for more info at
  6. Get paid. MojaExpress deducts fees from your profit and sends the balance to your bank account.


 Primary Benefits of Selling on MojaExpress:

  1. Moja curates potential buyers in large networks from all over the world and then directs them to Moja is a values-driven business, and our network partners share a deep desire to empower African small to medium enterprises. Our partners know that their patronage of your business is a tangible way for them to support African trade and to make a difference. Not everyone will be in the market for what you have to offer, but some certainly will.
  1. You don’t have to worry about setting up or paying for your own website. You simply upload your products onto our platform, and they are immediately visible to anyone who visits
  1. Moja has special arrangements with large networks of potential buyers all over Africa and with large African-American denominations in the United States. Moja’s brand stands for trust and black economic empowerment. Our sellers benefit from this brand recognition because buyers want to do good and they want sellers to also do well.