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RSA Stamp Protea Cushion


Spending much time exploring the Helderberg Nature Reserve with our son, has made us appreciative of the beautiful, indigenous Protea family. The Protea, was named by Carl Linnaeus in 1735, after the Greek god Proteus, who could change his form at will, reminding us of the many variations of these beautiful Sugar Bushes. In 1977 the South African Republic definitive stamp series displaying Protea plants were released by the South African Post Office and it’s these that we have painstakingly collected for you so that you can own an original stamp together with the limited edition cushions that we have printed from these stamps. The cushions are sewn by mothers from struggling areas in the Helderberg basin, where you find so many of these hardy and beautiful ever evolving Proteas, just like the people of South Africa.

Dimensions: 20 × 250 × 50 cm